About Joanie

Joanie smallJoanie studio for painting is in her home.  She has room for small classes.  A Minnesota native, she has relocated to Ocala, Florida.

She has been passionate about creating art since she was young. Early in life, the subject of her paintings were landscapes and nature. She has displayed   her work in galleries and local fairs. She always enjoyed the view, considering where it came from and how it was   created. She has decorated, sketched, painted, made pottery, knitted, photographed, designed clothing and worked as a seamstress. She has studied art and photography, worked as an artist, photographer and graphic artist. Her dream is to share her work, and her passion is to encourage “the artist” in everyone and to ask questions about life, which adds another dimension of joy to her life.

Painting the portrait began as a love when creating and enhancing photographic images in her portrait studio. Due to her lifelong desire to gain insight into the human spirit, this style remains an artistic passion. She believes that portrait artists are ever inquiring students of life, observing what creates a look, posture, the feelings and spirit of the subject.

Joanie has competed in National and State competitions since 1988 as a photographer, artist and retoucher. Through the years she has studied with many artists. In 1995 she received her Accredited Artist degree from the Minnesota Professional Photographers Association. Subsequently she received her Accredited Photography degree in 1997 and her Accredited Retouching degree in 1999. In July of 2003, she was the first and only person to receive all three National degrees at one time. These include Master Artist, Master Photographer and her Photographic Craftsman degree. Joanie loves to paint and play piano in her free time. She is Past President and member of the American Photographic Artist Guild and has served as President on the board for the Minnesota Professional Photographers.