Meditation Group Practice

Fourth Sunday of the Month at 4:00 pm

Please call 612-245-8370 or email and let me know you are coming!

Meditation does not require faith or belief.  It involves choice.

It is the practice of training your attention by focusing it on something. During ordinary life our senses are constantly bombarded and our thoughts are active. Without being aware of it we are the star in “The Drama of Me”. When we meditate, we become aware, our thoughts become calm and more clear, our lifestyle and health is enhanced. When we meditate in a group we create a certain amount of coherence or positive energy around us.

This group was formed for those that wish to deepen their connection by sharing a calm and peaceful meditative space. No experience is necessary to meditate. A short instruction on meditation will be provided 15 minutes before meditation begins each month. The practice will be for 30 minutes. For more explanation or to be put on a ‘reminder mailing list” call Joanie at 766-566-0908 or email at

About Joanie

Joanie started her meditation practice in 2003 when she was introduced to primordial sound meditation and the Chopra Center for Well Being. In 2004 she traveled to California for the Seduction of the Spirit Program with Deepak Chopra and spent a week in study and meditation. Since that time she has studied many other forms of meditation and consciousness connection.